Monday, July 18

Le Goût des Autres

They call this photogenic stunner a “Daily Picnic Store”. However, as not only the concept but also the pricing has been inspired by New York's Dean & Deluca gourmet shops, it might be prudent to keep your picnicking slightly less frequent.
Besides stocking up on pricey dry goods and gourmet bits and bobs, the charming space also doubles up as an all-day restaurant and hangout, and that’s where it really excels. An attractive crowd of trendy late twenty and thirty-somethings keep the tables busy, munching on the fresh pastas, sushi and cold cuts, nibbling from the ample selection of cheeses and baked goods, and sampling the wines and top shelf spirits.
Conceived by Carla Tarruella, part of the family behind Grupo Tragaluz (a local food and hospitality empire and Barcelona’s style and tastemaker for the bourgeoisie), it’s way more civilised than Manhattan will ever be. A great place to drop in for a bite and drink or to pick up a beautifully packaged food gift, stop by on the way to bigger things or as a destination in itself.

Cornelia and Co
Valencia, 225
08007 Barcelona

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