Friday, October 31


October 23 - November 6 
                                    Corrente D'Arte - Lisbon

The installation “15 LUGARES” presents the work of 15 members of the ceramics atelier Caulino. The scenography of the exhibition is set up around the idea of a conversation.
The wooden chair used as a common support is the unifying element of the installation. Chairs hold an underlying meaning for everyone. Witnesses of the culture and design of different societies and their times, they are everyday objects, to which one can develop an emotional attachment (childhood memories, missed places…). But the chair is also the craftsman’s seat, on which he works and created everyday. This artwork is a free transcription in the gallery of the personal and collective expression space within the atelier. In the absence of their creator, the ceramic pieces displayed discuss, each one revealing its owner’s personality.
The viewers are encouraged to experience this interaction while moving around the installation. Within this created space, the ceramic objects take on another meaning; the functionality of craft is temporarily removed, dissolving its frontier with fine art.


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