Sunday, November 30

Swimming Pool

Photo by Chris Colls


"Por detrás das Sombras" - André Ópticas Collection  
Until Jan, 25

The exhibition “BEHIND THE SHADOWS”evokes one of the accessories that have undergone greater transformation over time. Presenting a selection of André Ópticas Collection (over 3000 vintage pieces), the exhibition shows some of the most important pieces in the history of eyewear. In the safe deposit boxes, a selection of over 400 glasses highlights the major brands, styles, authors and changes in shapes and materials that have marked the
evolution of eyewear since the 1950s to the present day. Although focusing in contemporary times, there are significant historical flashbacks, namely fifteenth-century models.
The goal is to show to the general public the evolution of eyewear over time, its major transformation regarding shape, color, material and applied technology, as well as the way eyewear contributed over the years to definedifferent styles and languages, being both actor and vehicle of different perspectives of material culture.
André Ópticas was founded in 1981, in a family of Optometrists, in Oeiras. That same year, André Leal was born, and since early accompanied his parents on their travels, work and interest for eyewear. At 15, he already had experience in cutting lenses, repairing frames, and it was around that time he took a taste for collecting, chiefly for bold models of eyeglasses. Collectionism has always influenced his life, friendships, travels and profession. 

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