Friday, June 29

Take 1

Exhibition TAKE 1
Caulino shows the latest works of residents at a party in the afternoon, Thursday July 5. Please join us from 19h till 24h.

R. de S. Mamede ao Caldas, 28
1100-535 Lisboa

Wednesday, June 20

Le Goût des Autres


Since it opened in 1986, Pavilhão Chinês has increased its popularity. Named after a grocery that existed in that same place, it is a very unique spot in Lisbon, with 5 different rooms and all over-decorated.
Here you can find all types of objects lying around from mugs, caricatures, flags, medals, little lead soldiers, Majolica pieces from the artist Bordalo Pinheiro, mixed with a very big sense of an almost organized chaos.
They have over 100 cocktails.
Don’t miss out on anything here. Even the menu is a work of art, designed by the owner.



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