Friday, August 23

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"Fragmentos" by Alexandre Farto "Vhils"

Mo's Bows

When you look at the short but potential-packed career of Moziah Bridges, one gets the impression that this is a young man in a hurry. The Memphis, Tennessee-based youth is carving himself a place in the fashion world one bow tie at a time.
Young Master Bridges – Mo, for short – has been designing and sewing his own ties since his grandmother taught him how when he was nine years old. 
“I really was a young dapper man and I couldn’t find any other bow ties that I really like,” he told Fox News.  “So my grandma – my lovely grandma – she’s been sewing for over 80 years, or something crazy like that, so I wanted to start my own business making bow ties.”

“You don’t have to wait until you’re older,” his mother Tramica Morris said. “If you have a dream and you have a passion, we say go for it.”
Bridges chooses the fabrics for his creations himself and is quite particular about the styles. His pieces range from relatively traditional polka-dots and stripes to multi-colored paisley and sports team-themed ties. He has earned over $30,000 thus far with his one-man (one-boy) business, selling on his own Etsy page accessible from his website
But Bridges is also attracting the attention of retail stores. According to his site, his wares are available in boutiques in Tennessee, Alabama, Texas, Louisiana, South Carolina and Arkansas. 
Bridges has also created a product that raises funds for a charity. “I made this bow tie called the Go Mo! Scholarship Bow Tie and 100 percent of the proceeds go to help kids go to summer camp because I feel like it’s good to help the community and that’s what I’m doing.”
As for the future of Mo’s Bows, Bridges told FORBES that he’s looking to expand his offerings. “I see Mo’s Bows adding neck ties, pocket squares and other accessories for men,” he wrote in an email. “I also want to get enough money to start a cool kids clothing company that has nice blazers and pants for kids who like to look good like me".

Thursday, August 22

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 The Whitney Museum was recreating Edward Hopper's iconic painting "Nighthawks", in 3D at Flatiron.  The museum’s curator also tracked down possible location inspirations for the diner, including the Flatiron Building for its rounded glass windows. You can check it out until October 6th, along with Hopper Drawing, a curation of Hopper’s greatest paintings along with 200 drawings at the Whitney.

Wednesday, August 21


Eva vs Maria has been created in Barcelona by Eva Maria Bazán. Eva comes from a family of experts in leather goods and, after studying fashion design in Barcelona, she decided to continue the family tradition. 
The shoes are beautiful!

Bar Leo

Bar Leo
Carrer Sant Carles, 34
Barceloneta - Barcelona

Bar Leo es un templo homenaje a Bambino, uno de los grandes cantaores flamencos de los años 60 y 70. 
La Leo es la propietaria del bar.

Un documental de Xavier Artigas  y Diethild Meier

Le Goût des Autres

Barceloneta - Barcelona


Sur la tête

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